Quote of the day–Ehud Olmert

If God forbid, they should hurt the soldier, our operations will be far, far worse. The sky will fall on their heads if they dare to harm Gilad Shalit.

Ehud Olmert
Israeli Prime Minister
July 3, 2006
Gaza Militants Deadline Expires
Mr Olmert has given the green light to the Israeli military to do everything possible to secure the safe return of Cpl Gilad Shalit, captured in a cross-border raid nine days ago. The militants had given Israel until 0300 GMT to comply with their demand or face unspecified “consequences”. Hours before the deadline expired, Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon said Israel will respond severely if Cpl Shalit was harmed.


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Ehud Olmert

  1. Ferocious quotation by Ehud Olmert. I believe the real cause of the anger many Muslims feel is the attitude of others towards them. See these quotations by Israeli leaders for instance: http://www.1lit.com/islam/israel-leaders-quotations.html

    By bombing Lebanon into the ice-age, Israel is only going to create more unemployment and deprivation which, as you state, leads to violence.

  2. So the real cause is the attitude of others towards them? I guess that explains why they bombed the night club in Bali. And they beheaded teenage girls in Thailand. And why in Russia the took school children hostage, and then killed hundreds of them. And why they bombed a train station in Spain. And why they bombed several trains in India. And why they put up a million dollar reward the death of Danish cartoonists. And why they killed Van Gogh in the Netherlands. And why the rioted and burned the towns in France for weeks.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would develop any sort of attitude towards the practitioners of the religion of peace. I don’t have “an attitude” towards them. I just want these extremists fed to the hogs.

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