Venn diagram of the intersection of sanity and women

Last night while helping James put together some of his new furniture for his apartment he asked me, “Are there any sane women out there?” I had to laugh. That’s a great question. I laughed even harder when I saw this post by Heather this morning (check out the pictures at the bottom of the post).

I told James I sometimes wonder about that myself. I remember after Barb went through nearly 24 hours of labor, a C-section, having her abdomen opened up with her uterus flopped out on her stomach in a cold room while it was being flushed with saline solution, put back together, numb from the nipples down (the spinal), and was shaking from the cold so bad (and she HATES being cold) that she could barely hold James, her first born.  I was pretty wiped out from just watching it all happen and Barb could tell it was hard on me.  Through her chattering teeth she reassured me, “It will be easier next time.”


It could be the hormones or something but women are not sane. If they were it would mean the end of our species. James, you can either isolate yourself or you can try to enjoy the ride. It can be wild at times and it can be great at times but never expect sanity.


5 thoughts on “Venn diagram of the intersection of sanity and women

  1. One of the pearls of wisdom I got from my old man holds true today as much as it did way back when he shared it.

    “If you think for one minute you can understand women, you have it timed about right”


  2. Answer to the intersection of Women and Sanity = DNE.

    Oh, sure there are women who are sane most of the time who go about making rational decisions simply.

    Like what to wear for the day (not always the best example), or what to eat for breakfast in the morning (also not always the best example), whether to go to the store first and then the gas station, or the gas station and then the store (also not always the best example)…but there are plenty of women who can follow arguements, do math, and generally function through the day rationally.

    But with every woman there is something, some day, some hour, some event or combination there of that will set out an inexplicable storm of emotion, be it hormonal or not.

    The simple truth of it is that women aren’t the same as men. From my many experiences with men and women in science and in communication and daily life, it is clear men and women’s brains just operate differently. We have different body parts and chemistry for goodness sakes…of course we’re different and operate differently.

    Women and men weren’t created to work in the same way, but that doesn’t mean that women and men should have any kind of different rights. It just means that ultimately, life is about individuals, not race, gender, sexual orientation or social status or any individual characteristic of a person.

  3. Just what, exactly, prompted James to ask such a loaded, broad, general, all-encompassing question about the female species?

  4. Miss, I think that is just a little too private for me to say. I’ll tell him you commented and he can respond if he wants.

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