More examples from the religion of peace

I just finished listening to a book on tape, Hannibal: One Man Against Rome, and I can’t help but wonder if some of the methods the Romans used wouldn’t be effective in dealing with the “religion of peace” that does things like this:

After all the “religion of peace” appears to be stuck hundreds of years in the past.  Perhaps some ancient methods for dealing with insurrections would be effective.


1 thought on “More examples from the religion of peace

  1. Well now, if you define “peace” the same as it is defined by the American Left, i.e that “peace” means the United States in not involved in defending anyone against the enemies of Liberty, then, yes, Islam is the religion of “peace”.

    Peace, as in the peace that Viet Nam and Combodia enjoyed after the U.S. Military got out of there. Peace as in the Peace the ensued after we got out of Lebanon, or the Peace that broke out Under Soviet rule in Eastern Europe after W.W.II? Yeah, that’s the “Peace” for which the jihadists and our Leftist fellow Americans are striving. So when a hippie says to you, “Peace, Man.” You can tell him, “Yeah, I wish you ‘Peace’, Dude.”

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