Darwin will take care of them

These are not the usual sort of Darwin stories of people too stupid to live.  This is entirely different.  They people are too mentally whacked to have sex.

First this nut case from England:

Hunt, who made his fortune with his eponymous television fishing series, last month tearfully confessed to cheating on his wife in a tabloid newspaper interview and later on his radio station. Hunt said he paid up to $1000 a week for sex…

“But there were no regular payments. There was a sum paid, when I handed over the notes and tape – a taped conversation, little love notes, Christmas wishes, notes to help me buy a car – I was asked to hand them over, which I did,” Ms Hood said.

“I was offered a sum (to end the relationship) but it wasn’t $50,000.”

She said she had been questioned by police and the prostitutes collective after the story broke and that the revelations had shattered her life.

However, she was happy to reveal intimate details of their mostly public encounters in which she remained clothed but he would strip naked.

“He would arrange to meet me – usually in a laneway – always somewhere public … I believe he got off on the fact that we might get caught,” she said. “I was to look him straight in the eyes and to breathe on him.

“I would tell him he was wonderful, then he would work himself into a state of excitement, shouting: ‘Oh my God, you are going to kill me; you’re going to give me a heart attack’. “He was affectionate, very touchy-feely leading up to this. Then he’d either, in the car or out of it, depending on how cold it was, fling off all his clothes. The more public, the greater the danger and the more exciting Rex apparently found it,” Ms Hood said.

So he paid large sums of money for sex but never got around to actually having sex–he just took his clothes off.

Next we have the entire nation of Japan that is dying off because having a relationship is “tiresome”:

MORE sex. That’s what one expert says is needed to solve Japan’s baby shortage.

“Japanese people simply aren’t having sex,” Dr Kunio Kitamura, director of the Japan Family Planning Association, was quoted as saying by the Japan Times, an English language daily.

An association survey of 936 people between the ages of 16 and 49 showed 31 per cent had not had sex for more than a month “for no particular reason” – a condition known as “sexless”.

“As much as subsidies and welfare programs are important, sexlessness is also a critical issue in this problem.”

Japan’s fertility rate – the average number of children a woman bears in her lifetime – fell to an all-time low of 1.25 last year. Demographers say a rate of 2.1 is needed to keep a population from declining.

44 per cent of the people who said they were not having much sex felt that having a relationship with the opposite sex was “very tiresome” or “tiresome”.

Their is a technical term used to describe the end point these sort of behaviors lead to–extinction.