This is what we are dealing with


BAGHDAD, Iraq, June 20 — The American military said today that it had found the remains of what appears to be the two American soldiers captured by insurgents last week in an ambush south of the capital, and a senior Iraqi military official said the two men had been “brutally tortured.”

Major General William B. Caldwell IV, the American military spokesman, said “the remains” of what are believed to be the two Americans were found near a power plant in the vicinity of Yusefiya, about three miles from the site were they had been captured by insurgents.

General Caldwell declined to speak in detail about the physical condition of those who had been found, but he said that the cause of death could not be determined. He said the remains of the men would be sent to the United States for DNA testing to determine definitively their identities. That seemed to suggest that the two Americans had been wounded or mutilated beyond recognition.

Maj. Gen. Abdul Azziz Mohammed Jassim, the chief of operations of the Ministry of Defense, said that he had seen an official report and that he could confirm the two Americans had been “killed in a very brutal way and tortured.”

“There were traces of torture on their bodies, very clear traces,” General Jassim said. “It was a brutal torture. The torture was something unnatural.”

If those are the rules they are playing by then we should play by the same rules.  Unless they surrender and/or cooperate with allied forces our treating of their dead, wounded, and captured “with respect” makes us appear weak to them. Our rules of war lower the “cost” for them to be at war with us.  The lower the cost for them the longer we will be at war and the more dead of our own we will have to endure.  We need to raise the cost.  Feed them to the hogs and prevent them from getting their 72 virgins.  We need to maximize their cost in every way we can.

This barbaric act will virtually ensure that no more U.S. soldiers will be taken alive or at least conscious.  They will fight to the last bullet and last ounce of strength.


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  1. I read somewhere last night that amongst other things done to them, their eyes were gouged out. We are dealing with monsters. Exterminate them.

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