Overtime sucks

Overtime has both it’s advantages and disadvantages.  The increased pay is nice but the extra hours are seldom fun even if you enjoy your work.  In this case I’m sure it literally sucks:

BERLIN: Sex workers in Berlin have gone into extra time at the World Cup and are doing double shifts to cash in, a German newspaper said on Wednesday.

“Berlin’s hookers are groaning – all brothels are creaking at the seams,” mass daily Bild reported. “In some establishments the girls already have to put in double shifts owing to the World Cup,” the paper added, saying clients were virtually queuing up to get in to the host nation’s ‘Freudenhauser’ (literally, joy houses). One taxi driver was quoted as saying he had taken a fare from four would-be customers of some of the capital’s estimated 8,000 prostitutes.

“But they were turned away. The places are too full.” German police said last week there were no signs of forced prostitution being on the rise. Be that as it may, with around a million fans having come over for the month-long football showpiece and with prostitution legal in Germany, supply is clearly meeting demand. Bild quoted Josephine Conte of Berlin’s upmarket Bel Ami establishment, one of 400 “joy houses” in the city, as saying demand had gone through the roof and that her employees were having to put in “special shifts.”

She explained: “We have VIP reservations right through to the end of the tournament. Sometimes we don’t know where to put all the men!” According to ‘Joy’, a 21-year-old woman doing the morning shift with seven colleagues, “the guys come for a massage as they want to relax before the game.” But “the guests must be patient with waiting times of up to two hours,” according to Conte. It’s hard work, says another ‘Joy,’ a blonde aged 23 who says she sometimes puts in a 16-hour day, though some of that is on call after a regular shift.

“We are earning as much in one day as we normally would in a week. “But after the World Cup I’ll need a holiday.”