Bomb help 2005 update

I’ve updated the Bomb Help 2005 web page.  There are a lot more I need to put up–including a bunch from 2006.  I just haven’t gotten around to getting their email and my responses on the website.  I just hadn’t felt like responding to these clueless twerps for the last year.  I’d look at their messages and draw a blank so they just queued up in my “Bomb help” folder until today.  Then I sort of cut loose when a new one came in today.  Altogether, I think there was 23 of them I responded to today. The people on the Bomb Help Fan Club email list probably thought I was spamming them. 

My favorites from this batch are here:

Oh, I’m getting responses back from some of them too.  This could be lots of fun.


2 thoughts on “Bomb help 2005 update

  1. Hey Joe, I’ve been following your blog for a while but I think this is the first post I’ve replied to. Where do these idiots who email you come from.

    Here’s a question for you, how long and how hard was the process to get an explosives manufacturing license?

    Thank you.

  2. Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. I’ve been very busy the last few days.

    The idiots come from all over the world. As near as I can tell there is no shortage of idiots anywhere. I keep thinking there must be some use for them other than entertainment. Surely they could be an alternate energy source or something.

    The ATF Type 20 license wasn’t that big of a deal. The worst part was building the explosives magazine. If you put a reasonable amount of effort into it you should be able to get through it in 90 days or so. Most of that time will be spent waiting for the ATF. That is for the Feds ONLY. Your state may have additional licensing you have to deal with. The place to get started is here: Read all of that and understand the regulations you must comply with. It also has detailed information the construction of your storage magazine.

    If you are still interested then this is the form to apply for the license:

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