Bloomberg needs to work on knife control

It’s the knife culture that is out of control!  Not the gun culture!  And it’s in the anti-gun bigot Bloomberg’s city too:

NEW YORK — Police suspect a knife-wielding homeless man went on a rampage, stabbing four people in a bloody 12-hour span, including two Canadian tourists, before police finally nabbed him early Wednesday.

Kenny Alexis, 21, was taken into custody about 4:15 a.m. outside a fast-food restaurant in midtown Manhattan shortly after the two Canadian women were stabbed, police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

The women were identified as Melanie Carrier, 22, and Audrey Perrier, 25, both of Montreal.

Carrier remained in hospital Wednesday afternoon, awaiting surgery on her lower back, police said. Perrier was treated and released.

The other two victims, a man from Texas and another man not identified, were in hospital. All of the victims are expected to survive.

Police say Alexis had in his possession the knife used in the attack on the two women and investigators were attempting to link it to two separate subway ambushes that took place earlier.

They complain about “silencers” and “high capacity guns” but they don’t seem to realize a knife is a lot like a suppressed (very short ranged) gun you don’t have to stop and reload.