Quote of the day–Tony Blair

In Iraq and Afghanistan, al Qaeda has taken a stand.

They know that if progress and democracy take root in those two previously failed and terrorized states, then their values of violence and hatred against those who disagree with them will in turn be uprooted.

That’s why they fight and why they will continue to fight very hard.

For three years, al Qaeda have sought to murder innocent people, promote sectarian killing and wreck the democratic process in Iraq.

This terrorism is a global movement. Their attack in Iraq has only ever been part of a wider attack that they have carried into conflicts and countries the world over.

Indeed, there is barely a major nation in the world that has not felt the outreach of their evil.

Defeat them in Iraq and we will defeat them everywhere.

We need to do so armed, of course, with weapons, but also with one simple idea — that where people want to live in freedom and be governed by democracy, they should be able to do so and the world should stand united behind them.

In Iraq today, that idea has shown its worth.


Tony Blair
Prime Minister of Britain
June 8, 2006
Blair: Blow to al Qaeda everywhere