Culture under attack

In the U.S. we have a gun cultureNRA, SAF, CCRKBA, GOA, KABA, JPFO, USPSA, bloggers, and even Boomershoot and I are a small part of it. And even though all the these organizations and people only advocate legal activities we still get blamed for the illegal use of guns. Our culture is under attack by bigots with mental problems who can’t answer Just One Question.

But have you wondered what the bigots would say if our gun culture was abolished? Would they then be happy and stop their whining about freedom? In England nearly all guns are banned yet they still have violent crime. So what do the like-minded bigots say there? No big surprise–it’s the knife culture:

…he was appalled at Britain’s knife culture.

Kamondo Mulumbu said: “Knives are out of control. Most young people are walking around with them.”

These bigots are people that cannot tolerate freedom. They demand their freedoms be taken from them and others. They yearn for a utopia that cannot exist and paradoxically the perceived path to an Elysium Field is the path to a hell on earth. You can chose to fight them now on the gun issue or you can attempt to fight them later when even knives have been abolished. Adapt Churchill’s quote to the situation as necessary. It’s not just gun or knife culture that is under attack, it’s the culture of freedom.


2 thoughts on “Culture under attack

  1. And what was the famous Goldwater quote, the one for which he was so hated by the Left?

    “Moderation in the pursuit of Liberty is no virtue. Extremism in the pursuit of Justice is no vise”

    Something like that. I suppose you could swap justice and liberty and still get the same meaning.

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