Heinlein in leather

One of my children’s favorite high-school teachers (and a former Marine and a Boomershooter), Mr. Kaag, wrote to tell me:

I know that you probably have the complete Heinlein in a jumble of various paperback and hardback editions, as I do.

Did you know that after The Master died, Virginia renewed all of the copyrights? The lady has a whim of steel—as the most popular Science Fiction writer ever, his publisher wanted to continue to print copies of the canon, and when they asked her for permission, she acceded. But, and here’s the kicker, she politely required they put back in all of the stuff they had taken out because it wasn’t “politically-correct”, like the pro-gun parts of “Red Planet”. So the Heinlein published in the last 5 years or so is all unexpurgated. You might want some new copies. There’s a bunch more to “Stranger”, for example.

And speaking of which, Virginia is no longer among us and the Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Foundation has done a joint venture with Meisha-Merlin Books, and is publishing the complete collection of Heinlein, including some previously-unpublished articles and speeches, in a fine leather-bound collection for about $2500 on up.

Here’s the URL: www.meishamerlin.com

I am saving up my shekels.

With a $2200 minimum entry price I’m going to have to pass but I’ll do some drooling.