It’s on video tape but O.J. didn’t do it

I wonder if he was wearing a glove?  And if he was, did it fit?  O.J. sex video:

LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) – A sex tape allegedly starring O.J. Simpson has been leaked onto the internet.

The home movie features a man with more than a passing resemblance to the star and two women.

However, Simpson’s lawyer, Yale Galanter, has branded the tape fake.

He told America’s New York Daily News newspaper “While my client may appear fully clothed in portions of the tape, the man having sex is an impostor.

“This tape is garbage and we can prove it. O.J. wouldn’t do anything like this.”

The man selling the film, David Hans Schmidt, stands by the claim that it is the sporting legend in the movie.

He said: “O.J. is welcome to say that’s not him on the tape, just like he said he didn’t murder Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman but there’s no question in my mind the real O.J. is having sex on this tape.