Canadian Muslims are real sweethearts

The Muslim extremists in Canada probably figure people should trust them too.  They only planned to do a few bombings and beheadings:

RAMPTON, Canada — Some of the 17 men and youths arrested in a suspected terrorism plot had planned to storm the nation’s Parliament, take politicians hostage and behead Prime Minister Stephen Harper unless their demands for a withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan and the release of Muslim prisoners were met, prosecutors said Tuesday.

In his comments before the judge, Batasar said the prosecution was contending the defendants planned to invade the Parliament building in Ottawa and take hostages to demand that Canadian forces leave Afghanistan; about 2,300 serve under international mandate with the Kabul government’s consent. The defendants, according to prosecutors, planned to demand the release of unspecified Muslim prisoners and to bomb the Parliament building and decapitate Harper and other political leaders if their demands were rejected.

They say Islam is the religion of peace and if you don’t agree with them they will kill you.