Quote of the day–George Galloway

Mr Blair has murdered more than 100,000 people in Iraq and the Iraqi people are an occupied people, illegally invaded. They have the moral and legal right to resist that occupation.

Why would that right be restricted to the poor, bloody infantry that Mr Blair sent into the streets of Iraq?

If the Iraqis have the right, as they do under international law and under any moral philosophy, to resist foreign invaders of their country (then) that must include the man who is giving the orders.

George Galloway
Friday May 26, 2006
The Guardian
Speaking from Cuba, where he earlier in the week shared a TV stage with President Fidel Castro.
[The irony of it all…happy with Castro while advocating the murder of a leader that helped save so many people from a murderous tyrant.–Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day–George Galloway

  1. Yup. I learned last night, watching Comedy Central, that we could eliminate all enemies everywhere on Earth immediately, simply by taking all the money we now spend on weapons and military and using it to feed the poor. We could then explore space and everything would be super peaceful and cool. Oh, and we could all smoke pot.

    The guy who said it received enthusiastic applause.

    Translation; All problems are either caused directly by the United States, or are an indirect, but predictable, result of U.S. policies – most particularly “Right Wing” U.S. policies.

    Hence, the U.S. and its allies are the focus of all evil in the world.

    These were Americans, born and bred, saying this. That’s the mind set with which we’re dealing. How do you deal with that? What’s the twelve-step program?

  2. I hate to say it Lyle, but I suspect it is true more and more every day. It’s not a twelve-step program, it’s one-step—Civil War. That’s the end result of where the Left is leading us.

  3. I don’t know. At first I’m inclined just to laugh at them. As long as they’re out of power they’re mostly harmless. For their own sakes, then, they need to stay out of political power. I think there used to be a legal document that was supposed to ensure that. It might have been called the “Constitution” or something equally obscure, but there is scant evidence of it.

  4. The problem is they aren’t out of power. They own the education establishment and almost all of the media. They never give up and never tire. We can debunk their lies over and over and still their media lapdogs will bring them up anew .
    Look at gun rights. This should be easy. There is no evidence that gun control works anywhere it has been tried. We have ample evidence to point to, but we are ignored because they don’t care about evidence. They want to create their “perfect society” by hook or by crook. They really can’t be reasoned with.
    Those you can’t reason with and who insist on forcing you to their will, must be fought. Unless the Left backs down, and I see no reason why they would, there will be war.

  5. Galloway IS in power–in the U.K. In this country they still have tremondous power but I’m not convinced civil war is unavoidable in our efforts to stop them. We have not yet exhasted our ballot box and jury box resources. That is not to say I believe we have no need to stock up on our cartrige boxes.

    There may be another method as well. For the longest time I had no model, no glimer of understanding, of the madness in their brains. A few weeks ago while discussing it with Ry things suddenly became clear. I just haven’t gotten around to writing up the lengthy essay that explains their mental processes. I don’t really have the solution to their illness but the first step to solving a problem is understanding it. Stating the problem accurately is often more important to the solution than any other single thing you can do. I need to write my essay soon.

  6. I’m looking forward to reading your essay, Joe.
    The Left is so fixated on creating the perfect society, they are blinded to what is happening in the real world. They are like children trying to fit the square peg into the round hole. Instead of analyzing the problem, they just hammer the peg harder.
    I agree that all of our options have not been exhausted. We should continue to use the ballot box and the jury box as long as we can. But deep down, I believe that these will be futile and that in the end, we will have to fight.

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