Quote of the day–The Gun Guys

Putting guns back on the street after they’ve seen the police station is just asking for more trouble.  Every single gun seized by the police should find its end in a furnace.  Anything less is nothing more than a contribution to the gun violence our nation is currently suffering from.

The Gun Guys
Your Gun Guys Daily Update (daily email)
June 1, 2006
[I understand now. He is in favor of the death penality on the first offense–for the gun instead of the criminal. The “Gun Guys” have mental problems.–Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day–The Gun Guys

  1. Hey Gun Guys,

    How are you going to take the bad guys’ guns away from them without first catching them? And on what basis will you catch them– because of their crimes, or because of their possession of guns? And how are you going to do any of that without guns?

    Seems to me you have a dilema.

    And of course, you want to take away the good guys’ guns too, right? How are you going to do that? What exact threats are you prepaired to issue in order to get the good guys to comply? How many Wacos and Ruby Ridges are you willing to instigate? A thousand? Ten thousand? Will you use guns to do all that, or fluffy pillows?

    The bottom line of course is; You need guns of your own, to take guns away from everyone else. You want two classes of Americans; 1. Armed police, politicians and the criminals who will break your laws, and 2. All the rest of us honest. peaceable citizens – the only ones without guns.

    In that case (your dream scenario) Who has the power? The criminals and politicians, of course. Good one. Nice little joke there. This is why we must do everything in our power to prevent you from getting your way.

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