Give it up

New Orleans is sinking.  Anyone who looked at the problem and had more than two brain cells to rub together knew that.  What wasn’t known was that parts of the city are sinking at a rate of over one inch per year.

Add in the inability to get pumps installed in a timely matter (it’s a tough problem, the Corp of Engineer’s has my sympathy) and my advice is they should spend their money on abandoning the city.

1 thought on “Give it up

  1. Bourbon blues on the street, loose and complete
    Under skies all smokey blue-green
    I can’t forsake a dixie dead-shake
    So we danced the sidewalk clean
    My memory is muddy, what’s this river that I’m in?
    New Orleans is sinking man and I don’t wanna swim…

    — The Tragically Hip

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