The boldest

I was almost asleep a few minutes ago and the phone rang.  Xenia was calling.  It must be one of three dire emergencies I thought.  Those were, not necessarily in the matter of importance to her: 1) Someone is hurt or is very sick or dead; 2) Her Internet connection is down; 3) Her website is down.

I was wrong.  She wanted to know if I had read her Live Journal recently.  “How recently?”  I had read the posting from yesterday sometime.  Nope that wasn’t it.  She wanted to know if I had read it in the last 10 minutes.  “No, why?”  I couldn’t imagine what was so important.  She told me she posted the email she got from her English teacher on her anthology that I quoted from the other day.

I was wide awake now.  Did I need to immediately drive home and be ready to dance on the English teachers desk with muddy boots when he showed up tomorrow morning?  I couldn’t quite tell from Xenia’s tone of voice.  It could be she was very happy with what he said and it could be she was smug with the knowledge that someone was going to get what they deserved for trashing the hard work of Daddy’s little girl.

The important part is as follows (emphasis in the original email):


This just may be the most beautiful anthology I’ve ever read.

It is the boldest.

That’s my girl he’s talking about!

Update: This is the teachers blog posting on the topic.

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  1. Yup, we did good when we were raising her. But then we had such great material to work with. Beautiful and bold.
    Love you,

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