Weekend in Orofino–day two

We got up a little earlier on Sunday and drove up the Lochsa river:

We stopped to watch the rafters going through the white water:

Even though it was raining we hiked up the trail to Jerry Johnson Hotsprings:

We expected that because of the rain we would be the only ones there.  There were six people in the first pool and eight in the second.  We sat in the first pool for several hours and talked and talked to a couple from Montanna that come to the springs several times a year.  People came and went but mostly came and about 17:30 there must have been 15 people in the pool and standing around.  The other couple, Marty and Cheryl, invited us back to their camper for dinner.  We hiked back down the trail with them:

We ate with them and talked and talked and finally about 22:00 we left on our two hour drive back to Orofino and our motel room.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Orofino–day two

  1. I love how your sweetheart is in all these photos! I am hoping to make it up to the Jerry Johnson springs sometime this year myself. It’s in my trail book, so I have to go!

  2. We are thinking we may go back for the 4th of July weekend. If you happen to be going then let us know and maybe we can meet and say hi.

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