Quote of the day–Xenia Huffman-Scott

Clitorises are the best thing in the world! No other piece of the human body has the SOLE PURPOSE of bringing pleasure. If that’s not the coolest thing ever, I don’t know how you expect to find any sort of sexual happiness in your life.

Xenia Huffman-Scott
Celebration of Ovulation
An anthology Moscow Idaho English period 6.
May 5, 2006

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Xenia Huffman-Scott

  1. You know what, your readers are a very one-sided perspective of me. You hardly ever write about me except when I’ve said something about lesbians, sex, sexual organs, or porn.

  2. I love my clitoris!

    I grew up in a conservative Christian household and my parents never talked about sex. The only sex-ed I got was at school. Well, my mom showed me a video from 3-2-1 contact that was an hour long, but the only thing I really remember was the part about wet dreams… so that was really useful.

    I have an older sister (2 years older than me) and a younger sister (2 years younger). My sisters and I never talked about periods or sex, it was “dirty.” I grew up being told that anything beyond french kissing, heck maybe even that was “dirty” and shouldn’t be done before marriage…

    … the part I that was really hammered in was that it was “dirty”…

    i wasn’t allowed to date until I was 16 and I never saw physical intimacy between my parents. R movies and PG-13 ones with sex scenes were considered evil and not allowed to be seen. I didn’t even know that women masturbated or even really what that was.

    I was in junior high when my period started; I was scared and in denial about it. I learned to use pads and tampons without talking it over with my mother. I even felt kind of ashamed of it all.

    Sex and womanhood was never discussed in my home. Since then I’ve gone through all kinds of stages and experiences. Sexual abuse at the age of 16. Dated a close friend who turned out to be gay. Saw a guy naked for the first time at age 18. So on and so on…

    Just recently this year I’ve finally felt comfortable and inquizative at the way my body works. It took me 21 years to pick up a mirror and look at myself down there. I used to feel dirty just looking at my breasts in the mirror. It took me 21 years till I first masturbated or even felt comfortable with my bare hand “down there.” Now I spend time reading more about womanhood, sex and intimacy then I do fiction or anything else for that matter.

    I feel so liberated. I now own and use a vibrator and some sexy lingerie. It took me 21 years to be able to walk into Victoria’s Secret and try on something sexy. It took me 21 years to walk into a sex shop with my tipsy boyfriend and find and buy a vibrator. I felt like the whole thing was so naughty and shady. It was 1 am and across the highway on the edge of the “bad side” of town. But golly! I shouldn’t have to feel dirty because I want pleasure. Women should be able to be proud to be women, just like men are proud to be men.

    I read Xenia’s “Celebration of Ovulation” and it made me smile. I’m so glad that she has gotten to grow up and be at ease with her body and womanhood. I love the vagina cake!

    I just hope if I ever have girls that they grow up well informed and comfortable with their womanhood and bodily fluids and never have to go what I went through.

    My older sister got married at the age of 20. She’s been married for almost 3 years now. She told me that mom gave her a sex talk the night before her wedding. It was brief, uninformative and generally bad. I am not looking forward to that converstation…

    Oh also when “Sex in the City” started airing on TBS or something I forget those TV channels, my parents made the comment about how gross and perverted that show was and how it was bad TV and I shouldn’t watch it. I think it was like last summer. I was 20. At 20 apparently, I shouldn’t be curious at sex or even thinking about it. Well, I’ve since watched every episode and I think my parents are silly for judging something without seeing it.

    I’m glad I’ve finally taken control of my sexual education and investigated what “it” is all about.

  3. Or as Darwin would say, the clitoris is there to increase your overall probability of becoming pregnant. To put it more succinctly, the clitoris is there because those of your ancient forebears who most enjoyed sex, had more sex, therefore having more offspring, to whom they passed their tendency to more enjoy sex, etc., etc..

    We could get into other forms of enjoyment, and how they have benefited our, and other, species, but that’s a novel, not a comment. The novel has been written. It’s called “On the Origin of Species” but most people ony have strong opinions about it without having read it.

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