Knife amnesty

They have done all they could (and failed) with guns and crimes committed with guns and now they are working on knives.  A “knife amnesty” program is now underway in the UK.  Can you believe it?

A NATIONWIDE knife amnesty aimed at reducing knife crime comes into force today.

For the next five weeks people will be able to hand in offensive weapons such as flick knives, butterfly knives and swords without fear of reprisal.

Secure bins will be left in police stations and other public places such as supermarkets, schools and youth clubs, to encourage people to hand in their weapons.

It is hoped the amnesty, which ends on June 30, will lead to fewer people carrying knives.


Kent Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Dave Ainsworth said: “We obviously want to reduce the number of knives and lethal weapons on our streets that are designed to kill or maim, such as combat knives, flick knives and swords.

“Knives can damage and destroy lives, leaving families and communities devastated.”

Wrong.  People with knives damage and destroy lives.  And they don’t need knives to do it.  These people have severe mental problems.


“In a survey, 46 per cent of youngsters in Newcastle said they carried around a knife with them. That’s a horrifying statistic.

“We have got to get the message through: this is illegal, it is very, very dangerous. You could end up yourself being injured or, worse still, on impulse inflicting some mortal injury on a friend.”

I remember getting a Christmas present from my teacher when I was in the first grade and six years old.  It was a knife and all the boys in the classroom got them.  One guy cut his finger a few weeks later but that was the only problem that occurred and that was minor.  The people in the U.K. are totally bonkers.


3 thoughts on “Knife amnesty

  1. Have you ever been in a gun-control debate and brought up the slippery slope argument? You say, “If you ban guns, criminals will just go to something else. Are you going to ban knives as well? Scissors? Where does it end?” Such concerns are always dismissed as absurd, yet we see it happening right before our eyes in the UK.

    Sadly it seems we’re nott all that far behind.

  2. Are these people that mental? Has the U.K. fallen back to the Dark Ages. Next thing you know, there gonna hire some guy to walk Picadilly with a wheel barrow and shout, “Bring out your knives!”

    A knife is nothing more than a tool. Plain and simple. End of file.

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