A visit from my girlfriend

Last Wednesday my girlfriend for the last 30+ years, Barbara, flew into SeaTac (I work in the Seattle area) from Idaho.  Even with the extra few days together it seemed we didn’t have enough time together or to do the things we wanted to do.  We had lunch with HsuanHua on Thursday.  I introduced Barb to my work associates on noon Friday.  Friday night we went to dinner and a movie (The Da Vinci Code–good, but not as good as the book) with my roommates.  Saturday morning we went hiking on Mt. Si then had lunch with Michelle before we drove back home to Moscow together.

And every night we tested out the new sheets I bought for my bed.  At 600 threads per inch they are almost like satin sheets without the problems (a small amount of sweat cause satin sheets to stick to your skin).  Even at $100 for the set (King size) they are worth it.

Soon, we hope, the visits and the testing of the sheets will be much more frequent.