The bigot known as Michael Daly

Daly was my Quote of the day todayAlphecca also commented on him.  This is the email I sent him:

I just read your May 21, 2006 article in the Daily News and the first paragraph or two of a few of your other anti-gun owner articles.  You appear to be mistaken and or ignorant about certain facts.  Firearms in the U.S. are used to defend innocent life between two and three million times each year.  In the vast majority of these cases no shots are fired.  Most of these firearms are handguns.  Defending the innocent from grievous bodily harm or death is a entirely legitimate use of a tool–which is why the police and millions of private citizens in the U.S. carry handguns on a daily basis.

Before you advocate restrictions on such useful tools you have to ask yourself Just One Question:

Can you demonstrate just one time, one place, throughout all of human history, where restricting the access of handheld weapons to the average person made them safer?


Looking through my log files I could not find any indication he clicked on the link to my “Just One Question”.  This is as I would expect.  Bigots don’t need to think about an issue since they already know what they want to believe.

Lyle’s comment deserves some more attention.  He says:

In a free society, “legitimate demand” is determined by the manufacturers and their customers, not by socialist political activists masquerading as journalists.

Very true, but beyond that only someone that hasn’t made it past elementary school would believe that manufactures would be able to known what “legitimate demand” is.  The manufacturers sell to distributors who sell to retailers.  They manufacture as many as the distributors wish to purchase.  They have no “crystal ball” which can give them any sort of clue as to how many of those firearms will be lost, stolen, or sold to straw purchasers and end up in the hands of a person prohibited from firearms ownership.  And with there being about 200 million firearms in the country and just a little over 300,000 crimes involving a firearm each year in this country it means only about one out about 700 guns is used in a crime.  And that is making the worst case assumption that each crime is committed with a different gun!  The real number is probably something on the order of one gun out of 2000 to 10,000 is used in a crime.  Hence forecasting of firearms sales would have to be accurate to the level of about +/- 0.01% in order to know what the “legitimate demand” is.

Bigot Daly and his kind have mental problems.