Quote of the day–Michael Daly

…to enter the cavernous Midwest Airlines Center was to behold thousands of weapons, many of them handguns that have no real purpose other than to kill people and are produced in far greater numbers than the legitimate demand.

Just inside and to the left was the booth for Smith & Wesson, which manufactures two of the three most-prevalent guns among the 5,551 recovered by the NYPD last year. The list was topped by the Smith & Wesson .38-caliber revolver, a number of which were on display for anyone to heft.

Michael Daly
Aw shoot, they’re cute
May 21, 2006
Daily News
[I don’t believe I have ever read a more bigoted article by someone who was not on the payroll of an anti-gun owner organization.  I sent him a short email asking Just One Question–Joe]

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  1. In a free society, “legitimate demand” is determined by the manufacturers and their customers, not by socialist political activists masquerading as journalists.

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