Our kids harass Barb and me whenever we mispronounce certain words.  “Wash” and “Washington” are two of the biggies (we grew up pronouncing “wash” as “worsh”) but “creek” (it came out as “crick”) gets a fair amount of attention also.  I actually appreciate being corrected and work at incorporating the corrections.  Barb does not appreciate it and at times threatens the kids (and occasionally me for agreeing that, technically, they are correct) with various types of retaliation and furthermore declares she will pronounce words just as she always has–which of course just means she told the kids they have a button to push almost anytime they want to use it.

It turns out it isn’t just in our household pronunciation is sometimes an issue.  Heather Armstrong nearly had me falling out of my chair in laughter with her pronunciation (MP3) of “crayon” with which her husband disagrees with.  Her entire post on the topic is here and probably will get at least a chuckle from you.


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