Cracking down

I find this amusing.  The Puritans in society try to crack down on a victimless crime and the end result is they end up increasing the activity the very activity the were trying to stop.  From our neighbors to the north:

TORONTO — A 2005 Supreme Court decision that cleared the way for swingers clubs appears to be bringing out Canada’s more, well, adventurous side.

Those who prefer life closer to the edge of the conjugal bed say the high court’s re-interpretation last December of the definition of indecency has fuelled a growing interest in private clubs that feature group sex, partner swapping, voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Five months later, their operators say more aggressive advertising and marketing efforts in the wake of the ruling have attracted significantly more people to their events.

“I think there’s a great opportunity to provide a safe environment where couples can really enhance their sex life,” said Linda Fox, who operates Club Eden in Vancouver.

The same thing happens when there is talk of banning certain types of firearms.  The sales of those models and accessories dramatically increase.

2 thoughts on “Cracking down

  1. Before someone can run for political office, I think they should be required to take at least two classes, in addition to passing a basic literacy test;
    1. American history, including emphasis on the Constitutional Convention and the historical application of the Constitution. But then, the Oath of Office was supposed to take care of that, wasn’t it?
    2. A class on historical cases, which show time and time again the fallacy of the “Zero Sum Gain” theory. That theory says if you “restrict” something by law, that you automatically get less of it. It also says, by the way, that if you cut taxes, you automatically get less money coming into the Treasury. It never works that way. In reality, people change their behavior in response to a new legal climate.

  2. One day I hope to write a book that gets banned. Sales from banned books always increase. Free publicity and advertising. Everyone wants to see what the hubub is about.

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