Blog was down

Yeah.  I know my blog has been down for over 24 hours.  I don’t know why.  This is the second time.  The first time was just before Boomershoot.  Both then and today I simply didn’t have any time to work on figuring it out and bring it back up.  Both times it came back on it’s own.  Probably something my hosting provider figured out and fixed.

Yesterday and today I was busy with graduation stuff.  My son, James, and his cousin were graduating from the University of Idaho–at different times.  Pretty much scrambled my entire day today–I hate ceremonies.  But James and I did go see Mission Impossible III tonight.  Pretty good flick.  Plot holes, of course, but still pretty good.

1 thought on “Blog was down

  1. Well, grats to James and his cousin! I hope the real world is kind to them.

    Websites going down is never fun. Glad to see it is back up and running again. Yay for having reading material while I’m bored at work :), I was sad when I wasn’t able to read it today at work. Errr I guess technically yesterday since it is 5 am.

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