Quote of the day–Álvaro García Linera

The first nationalization of the 21st century…. After today the hydrocarbons will belong to all Bolivians. Never again will they be in the hands of transnational corporations. Today the country – la patria – stands up…. This is a patriotic and heroic decision that takes back our soul and dignity. But it will be a measure attacked by dinosaurs, conservatives, and traitors of the country.

Álvaro García Linera
Vice-President of Bolivia
May 1, 2006
Nationalization of Gas!
From ZNet–A community of people committed to social change
[Yet another attempt of an experiment that has repeatedly failed.  It’s a sad day for the people of Bolivia as this resource and source of income heads toward it’s ruin.–Joe]

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  1. I tell ya, socialism is motivated by a stinging, white-hot hatred of free will– of the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of mankind.

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