Dr. Joe disapproves

From Mail & Guardian online:

A rash of cases of Malaysian women being tricked into having sex with fraudulent “healers” has prompted a warning from authorities for women to beware of smooth-talking con men.

In the latest case, a 41-year-old woman was tricked into having sex dozens of times with a medium who claimed to be the “Ninth Emperor of the Kingdom of God” and said she was possessed by evil spirits, newspapers reported on Wednesday.

The 52-year-old medium said her domestic and financial problems would be solved with the sex sessions, which took place over seven months at a cost of 20-50 ringgit ($5,50 to $13,85) each, during which he moved into her house.

He was eventually turfed out by the woman’s husband and has threatened to put a curse on the family.

Dr. Joe¬†recommends sex as a cure for everything but this guy was out of line–unless he was hired by the husband in which case the couple is just too stupid be given much sympathy. Even sex doesn’t cure stupidity.