Boomershoot 2006 blogging part IX

Boomershoot 2006 is over but the blogging doesn’t stop:

In addition to blogging activity the Spokesman Review article was picked up by the AP and showed up here:


5 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2006 blogging part IX

  1. Quote:
    I WANNA GO DO THIS TOO!!!!!! (JeanC’s Cat House and Shooting Society — Jeez. I can almost see her house from my house there’s nothing stopping her from attending.)

    Usually you seem to always have the event scheduled when I have an event I HAVE to be at 😀 Someday my schedule will mesh hehehehehehe

  2. Sorry about that. I schedule it about 9 months in advance to give people the maximum amount of time to plan. But no matter what I do for some people it just doesn’t work out.

  3. As badly as I shot the stages at the Spokane match, it would appear I SHOULD have gone and saved myself some shame!!! Ah well, next year!

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