Last post until Boomershoot 2006 is over

I suspect this will be my last post for a few days.  I’ll either have Xenia post a “Quote of the Day” or back date them after Boomershoot 2006 is over.  I have to work all day today at my new job then drive home to Idaho tonight.  Thursday morning I head out to the Boomershoot range to prepare for the big event.  No internet access from Thursday morning until late Sunday night.  By late Sunday night I will be ready for a shower and sleep.

2 thoughts on “Last post until Boomershoot 2006 is over

  1. I came, I saw, I got very little sleep because the wind and rain dang near tore me and my friend and my tent right off the top of the hill…
    BUT, it was a blast and I did blow stuff up!
    Thanks for all your hard work Joe. I look FW to next year. I will be better prepared and get more than just one long range target. The 2 close ones were quite a kick though….
    I met great people this year including you and the infamous Stephanie and was able to make the “Curly Fry Man” and his bride very happy when I fixed his generator. As for the shooting, it was eye-opening, fun, challenging, and with this experience under my belt, I will be more ethically accurate on any long-range shots I take this fall on deer, elk, or any other game. It was worth every penny…(but please don’t raise the cost. ;~)

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