Boomershoot 2006 weather

Weather reports are looking very good.  From My-Cast (using the lat/long of 46.5422, -116.39128):

DAY   Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon
SKY Ptly Cldy Ptly Cldy Ptly Cldy Ptly Cldy Cldy Cldy Cldy
HI TEMP (F) 67 71 73 78 77 73 70
LO TEMP (F) 42 42 46 48 49 49 47

I’d like to believe this will be the best Boomershoot ever.  There is still lots of work to do but things are coming together quite well.


2 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2006 weather

  1. I don’t care how good the forcasts look. I’m bringing plenty of warm clothes and my heavy jacket. *snicker*

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