Repressive laws

It may be there is more to it than what appears in the paper.  And of course the kid is living and going to school in the repressive Peoples Republic of Massachusetts.  What from what I see in the paper, except for the recreational drugs (which should be legal but I would ban them in my house) if it were my kid I would be asking the police, “And your point is?”  Instead they are charging him with possession of bomb-making materials.

STOUGHTON — Alexander J. Wilson, 17, who was charged with having bomb-making materials after an incident in March was ordered held on $100,000 surety or $10,000 cash bail Monday in Stoughton District Court.

When police stopped Wilson’s car March 29 in the O’Donnell Middle School parking lot next to the high school grounds, authorities reported finding gunpowder and a pellet gun.

Also found were model “rocket engines, igniters for those, wires and miscellaneous other stuff that could be used to make bombs,” said acting Police Chief Christopher Ciampa.

Most of the materials were in the trunk of the suspect’s car, and some were under the front seat, the chief said.

Police also recovered a small amount of marijuana and marijuana residue in a pipe, Ciampa said.

The problem is that it’s a rare house that doesn’t contain materials appropriate for making a bomb.  People shouldn’t be charged with possession of things that might be used in a illegal fashion.  Only if there is clear intent to do harm to someone else or someone else’s property should they be harassed by the police–which is the way it is in Idaho with explosives.