9 thoughts on “Michelle Malkins phone number and home address

  1. I’d like her phone # to ask her out (what a package – smart AND good looking), but, alas, she is married.

  2. The same sort of thoughts have crossed my mind but my wife tends to frown on that sort of activity.

  3. It’s called a Honeypot. You can also think of it as “fly paper”. The insects are attracted and then get caught.

  4. And all this from the far left. When ever I confront them on their ides (which is any time I see them out on the streets petitioning for the latest pro socialist/anti capitalist initiative) the very first thing out of their mouths, without exception, is some variation of, “Well, we have a right to voice our opinions….”

    I’ve never made any case or even a slight suggestion against such a right, but there they go accusing me of wanting to trample their rights. That’s of course because they cannot touch my arguments in favor of Liberty – they have to change the subject. But look at their tactics of intimidation, pouring out of them automatically. It’s all they have in the end, of course.

  5. I would very much enjoy raping that little pinay bitch with a broken beer bottle. If that should indeed happen, you know where to find me, gook-lover.

  6. Still more “liberal tolerance” from the previous poster. Brave, too I see – using a fake email addy.

  7. Typical asshats running on emotion rather than brains. Not surprising either. If she (and her hubby) lived in my neck of the woods, I’d loan them a few “persuaders” for times when people need “persuading”.

  8. Malkin is a strong gun rights supporter. I don’t know the details of her collection of defensive tools and living in Maryland is a severe restriction on exercising her right to self defense. But if attacked at home I’m certain she and her family know the appropriate tools and response.

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