Required reading

Ry merely calls it Reading list.  I was busy when I first read his post and didn’t follow the links.  Yesterday he talked to me about some of the content.  Mostly about “category errors”.  Interesting stuff and there are some valuable lessons in studying that concept.  But that is a topic for a different time.

More importantly Dan Simmons uses a science fiction short story as a vehicle to get some points across about WW III.  I had long thought the politicians had been calling it “The War on Terror” simply as a euphemism for the war against the Muslim extremists.  But perhaps that’s not true.  If, in fact, they and the vast majority don’t understand the true nature of who are enemies are and why they are at war against us then lots of people have some reading to do.  Simmons gives us a starting point.  It’s required reading.  Just like Osama bin Laden’s letter to America.