3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Kim Huffman-Scott

  1. Check the spelling, too many i’s. Just picky cause I think the two e’s looks prettier and people have been giving me all sorts of weird combos my entire life.

    Included but not limited to:

    And second, Isn’t teasing of children a god-given right? (pardon the expression) Comes with the territory and all, no? I mean there has to be SOME payment for changing all those diapers and mid-night feedings and cryings. :).

  2. But my spelling checker didn’t complain!

    Fixed. Thanks.

    You’re right. There should be a reward for the diapers, midnight feedings, and green food coloring on the orange couch (ask James, he knows). And that’s where the pictures of the naked baby, poopy butts, and girl/boyfriends come in.

    Sunday I asked Xenia if she would scan some early pictures of James for me but she gave me quite the scowl. I think the kids are “closing ranks” on me. I can’t imagine why that is…

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