It’s veni, not vini

As Jason pointed out to me with this link the proper phrase should be “Veni, vidi, BOOM!”.  Not Vini. Vidi. BOOM! as in the quote of the day from last week.  Unfortunately this wasn’t pointed out to me until after there was one order for a shirt already “in production” before I got the image corrected and back up in the Boomershoot 2006 merchandise shop.  I don’t know if that means the image will actually make it onto the shirt or not.  So… it’s possible there will be just one shirt on the whole planet that has the wrong slogan on it.  It will be a collectors item.

That wasn’t the only change I made either.  Here is the before and after:

Vini. Vidi. BOOM!
[I came.  I saw.  I blew stuff up!]


Veni, vidi, BOOM!
[I came, I saw, I BLEW STUFF UP!]

Order soon if you want to have your stuff in time for the event.  There won’t be shirt sales at the event.