Mind boggling delusions

I can understand someone having this sort of dream.  But after waking up you would think they would recognize the difference between reality and a dream.  This guy apparently doesn’t and then in some sort of embarrassing public confession he tells everyone of his delusion.  And the worst part?  He’s the mayor of Toronto.  The men in white coats should just quietly take him away and the people of Toronto could just pretend he never represented them.  Here are the details of his delusions.  The overview follows:

I see a yellowing front page of the Toronto Star shouting “Gun violence ends!” There are no guns on the street any more because a Toronto-led coalition of mayors from both sides of the 49th parallel stood strong against the American government on gun control.

So persuasive were Toronto’s arguments that the U.S. finally enacted common-sense gun control and repealed legislation that prevented lawsuits from being launched against firearms manufacturers.

This helps explain why gangs aren’t a problem any more. No one’s drawn to the gangster life because of all the services the city can provide to all of its residents. There are childcare spaces for all parents who need them so they can work and make the money needed to nurture their children. And parks and recreation programs are available free for every child in every city neighbourhood.

Training and jobs have been made available through partnerships established among City Hall, the Toronto Board of Trade and organized labour. Youth from neighbourhoods that were once Toronto’s poorest get proper training and gain the self-respect needed to move forward in life. They become carpenters. And bankers. Even journalists. Whatever they aspire to be.

No one in Toronto lives in isolation. Or on the street. Not the young. And certainly not their elders. Homelessness is a thing of the past. Because of the compassion and commitment of Torontonians, all orders of government came together as partners to provide affordable housing to anyone who needs it. There’s an incredible array of services for seniors who want to remain engaged in the communities where they live and share their wisdom with other generations.

It’s the kind of wisdom that has led Toronto to be recognized as a world leader in promoting peace and harmony. The city will forever be a microcosm of the world’s people living together with respect and not a hint of intolerance. Our Canadian Council for Christians, Jews and Muslims is cited around the globe as an example of how to build bridges among people of different faiths. Every man woman and child can walk down every street in this city and know they are recognized as Torontonians regardless of race, colour or religion.

Our subway stations are astonishing. As many people enjoy the exhibits at the TTC’s Museum station as visit the ROM. They come for an enlightening look at the exhibits before moving on to their chosen destinations. There’s a network of streetcars crossing this city on reserved rights-of-way. The Finch Hydro Corridor is now a conduit for light rail transit. People can get from eastern Scarborough to western Etobicoke quickly and at reasonable cost. Every neighbourhood has access to rapid transit, and every able-bodied Torontonian is within a five-minute walk of a bus stop and is one bus journey away from the subway or a light rail connection. For the disabled, every bus, streetcar and subway stop is accessible.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Nearly all anti-gun people have mental problems.  Mix those problems with the obvious failings of socialism and the all the conditions decribed in When Prophecy Fails and you end up with what you see above–increased proselyting of a failed belief system.

3 thoughts on “Mind boggling delusions

  1. It reads like a Miss Teen America speech from 1970.

    They’re hillarious as long as they have no power. With power, they’re frightening.

  2. Lyle, I knew this would get a comment from you. I started thinking of you after I read the first couple sentences of the article.

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