Quote of the day–Alan Gottlieb & Joe Waldron

Laws against guns on school campuses have not prevented a single school shooting. Laws against murder have not stopped murders. Laws restricting the firearm rights of law-abiding citizens have penalized the wrong people, while criminals intent on breaking the law and harming others keep doing it.

Stop trying to hoodwink the public into believing that one more restriction on law-abiding gun owners is going to stop the Kyle Huffs of the world, because it isn’t, and the gun-control extremists know it.

Alan Gottlieb & Joe Waldron
Don’t let gun-control extremists exploit Capitol Hill tragedy
Seattle Times April 7, 2006
[It’s giving the the gun-control extremists too much credit to think they “know it”.  They shun factual knowledge and confuse deeply felt beliefs for knowledge.  They then wallow in their emotions and the emotions of others to reinforce their beliefs.  I have Just One Question for these gun-control nut cases.–Joe]