I got an email from someone that works at the Hanford site for an organization other than Pacific Northwest National Laboratory which has close ties to Hanford as well.  He said is blocked from his work.  Interesting….  I must have quite a reputation.  Or else I just flatter myself.  I’m not sure which. 

I know it is blocked from Xenia’s school.  I don’t know the reason there. 

A friend who works at Cingular told me, “The website was blocked because of relating to Violence…”  I’m insulted by that. 

Although I forget who it was someone told me it was blocked from their work access because of related to criminal activities or some such thing.  Now that I am really insulted about.

I like to think these things are, as I suggest in the FAQ, because some Puritan is afraid that someone, someplace, is having fun.

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  1. It would be interesting to know some of the sites that are *not* banned by these same people.

  2. This is what I get if I try to access from work:

    > Access Denied (content_filter_denied)
    > Your request was denied because of its content categorization: “Criminal Skills;Weapons”
    > If you are receiving this message in error while trying to contact a Valid Business
    > related web site please contact (company name) Information Security by sending an email.
    > Include the URL that you are trying to go to in the body of the email message.
    > This will put you in touch with a management team member who can address your
    > specific circumstances. However, if you are receiving this message while trying
    > to contact a personal web site, (company name) cannot allocate resources to
    > research this type of web activity.

    I know the company itself hasn’t examined a bazillion websites and assigned
    ratings to them, they’re buying a blacklist (or more likely a blacklisting
    service) from somebody. The blacklisting company is the real villian here.

  3. Thanks for the info.

    If you could give me some more hints on who I might need to contact to get this fixed please let me know.

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