Gays and guns

Wendell Joost, a friend of mine, is a NRA firearms instructor instructor instructor. Yeah, he trains the people that will train NRA instructors.  As you might imagine he is a strong advocate of self defense.  He recently gave the following speech in his run for office and I thought it would be appropriate to share with a little larger audience.  He agreed and so here it is:

The first corpse that I ever saw was Bud Kramer.  His murderer hit him over the head with a baseball bat, poured gasoline on him and set him on fire.

Bud Kramer was killed because he was gay.

Harvey Milk, Roxanne Ellis, Michelle Abdill, Matthew Shepherd.  All killed because they were gay.  Martyrs for a cause.

Seattle Gay News ran an article this week about a community forum at the LGBT Community Center.  They will be discussing the need to revive Seattle’s Q Patrol because of concerns about escalating violence against gays and lesbians in our community.

After Matthew Shepherd was killed, Jonathan Rausch wrote in Salon Magazine, “We have tried to make a political virtue of our vulnerability but the gay bashers are not listening.”

Who here has been out and heard, “Hey, faggot!”

The first time I heard it, I ran – fast.  Ten years later, I heard it again. This time, I laughed.  There were 8 of them and 2 of us, but we had them outnumbered.  They were loud and obnoxious, we were quiet, polite and armed.

I have been a certified pistol instructor for over 10 years.  In Washington State, it is easier to get a concealed pistol license than a drivers license.

If you want to help stop gay bashing, get training, get a permit and get a gun.  Let’s make gay bashing dangerous.  If they can’t tell which one of us is armed, they won’t mess with any of us.

As Washington State Mr. Leather, I will host self-defense seminars in Seattle, Bellingham, Spokane, Vancouver and anywhere else people want self-defense training.

Let’s make gay bashing dangerous to ensure that we have no more martyrs.

2 thoughts on “Gays and guns

  1. Joe,

    I’m trying not to jump to any conclusions here, but this seems to say Mr. Joost is a homosexual, and a self-defense instructor?

    If that’s true, I have a very serious, thankful email to send to him.

    I’m a hetero male, but I know several homosexual males, some of whom have faced dangerous situations simply because of their sexual orientation. I’ve encouraged them to learn to use a handgun in self-defense, and get their concealed carry licenses, but they seem unwilling to do so. Perhaps reading what Mr. Joost has to write will help.

  2. Mr. Joost is certainly a self-defense instructor. As to his exact gender preferences I haven’t asked. I’m sure his wife would know however. From my casual interactions with her I’m fairly certain she is a female. I did get a report back from a blind date I once set him up with (before he was married). The report was “interesting” but I don’t really feel I am at liberty disclose the details. There are various publications and posters in Mr. Joost’s house that hint at certain “deviations from ‘normal'” but again nothing I feel comfortable sharing. And of course he was running for the position of “Mr. Leather” of Washington State which could be interpret as some sort of deviation from the mainstream as well. I think the best course of action, if it’s really important to you, is to send him an email and ask him yourself. His email address is on his website so I don’t think he should mind me duplicating it here:

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