Quote of the day–Kristen Rand

This study shows that the District’s ban on handguns and assault weapons works to prevent youth suicide by keeping guns out of D.C. homes. The findings highlight the sheer lunacy of Congressional efforts to repeal D.C.’s tough laws. Congress would virtually be writing a death sentence for some young people by repealing District laws that are working to prevent youth suicide.

Kristen Rand
Violence Policy Center Legislative Director
From the July 12, 2005 Press Release: New Study Shows District of Columbia’s Tough Gun Laws Work to Prevent Youth Suicide
[Ms. Rand neglects to mention the total suicide rate in D.C.  I guess it doesn’t matter if you kill yourself by slitting your wrists or with a drug overdose.  And also of apparent no concern is that the murder rate in D.C. is extremely high despite, and many would say because of, the severe restrictions on firearms.–Joe]