Chatting with the ATF

I have a minor glitch with the ATF regarding the locks I’m using on the Taj Mahal (my explosives storage magazine for Boomershoot).  I was pretty annoyed with things but I tried not to let it show in my email to Crystal–my contact at the Spokane office.  It wasn’t her fault and from my vantage point it appeared she was doing everything right.  My email was polite but she was smart enough to read between the lines and gave me a call about two minutes after I pressed send.  We had a nice chat and I think we are on the path to getting things all straightened out.  She gave me suggestion on a “last resort” means to make do with what I have if I can’t get through all the bureaucracy in time.  It was something I had pretty much planned on doing anyway with a minor twist.  And I didn’t know that it would be officially sanctioned as a means to get around my problems.

If you have differences to work out with the “jack-booted thugs” it’s best to get things straightened out over the phone rather than having their SWAT team explain things to you at 3:00 AM.  Crystal has done a good job of keeping me from getting a visit from her friends on the other side of the hallway and I’m grateful for that.