James matches his Dad on the job front

As I mentioned last week (and here) I interviewed for two different positions and both groups were interested in hiring me.  Our son James interviewed with two other groups with the same company the Friday before (March 3rd).  Then last Friday (March 10th) James got an email saying both the groups he interviewed with were also interested in him and he has to make a decision between them.  And no, I didn’t have anything to do with him getting the interviews nor did he interview in the same groups as I did.

James will graduate from the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Computer Science this spring (currently he has a 4.0/4.0 GPA) and so it’s not surprising he would do well on the job interview front.  We are very proud of him and assuming he accepts an offer from them we will be pleased he will be working close by.

1 thought on “James matches his Dad on the job front

  1. I’m glad your son found a good job. My son is 18. He would like to get a degree in computer science as well, and we looked at some schools in Idaho because he has family in Boise. However, out of state tuition is prohibitively expensive. Georgia has a good scholarship program that pays for fees and tuition as long as you keep a B average. It’s tough to get into a Georgia university ,though, because the board of regents has an affirmitive action program that favors minorities, women and even illegal immigrants over white males. They lost a law suit over it two years ago, but just changed the name of the program and everything else stays the same. Glenn may start at a junior college in the fall and then try to transfer in a couple of years.

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