Quote of the day–Linn Armstrong

That’s kind of like the ACLU giving people who believe in freedom of speech a D in the First Amendment.

Linn Armstrong
A National Rifle Association handgun instructor
Grand Valley Colorado
March 10, 2006
After the Brady Bunch gave Colorado a ‘D’ grade on “gun safety”.

1 thought on “Quote of the day–Linn Armstrong

  1. Excellent point, but they wouldn’t call it a D in First Amendment. Thay’d call it a D in “Speech Safety”. They’d refer to the First Amendment as protecting only government printings and government broadcasts, etc. as a “Collective Right”.

    Then we’d need a special federal license to sell computers and a federal background check to buy them. We’d be raided and killed if we were suspected of having computers or printers that were too big, too small, too loud, too quiet or too fast. I could continue the analogy with another 1000 words, but the point is there. Check out North Korea, Cuba or China and you’ll probably find just such lunacy in full practice right now.

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