Quote of the day–Jeff Cooper

We were recently treated to a bizarre exchange between a hapless Englishman and some BATchick in some front office in Washington. Our English friend was inquiring about bringing his arms into the United States, and was told that he could not import a Peacemaker (Colt Single-action Army) because it had no “legitimate sporting purpose!” Now, apart from the fact that “legitimate sporting purpose” is a blatantly unconstitutional interpretation of the Second Amendment, it is apparent that these poor souls who are confined to the District of Columbia cannot keep up with the times. Clearly the girl involved had not heard of the proliferation of “Cowboy Action Shooting.” I stuck my oar in to tell her that this sort of bureaucratic behavior gives ignorance a bad name. I guess I can expect the black helicopters any night now.


Jeff Cooper
From Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
Vol. 5, No. 5
April 1997

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