Canada needs a new religion

I’m all for religious tolerance as long as they are also tolerant of others.  I’m intolerant of intolerance.  The Supreme Court of Canada just made an important ruling with an 8-0 victory for freedom and tolerance.  I think it’s time for some Canadian gun owners to start a new religion to “push the envelope” just a little bit more for the cause of freedom.  Here are the details on the ruling:

For nearly five years, Gurbaj Singh has argued that he has a legal right under religious freedom to wear a ceremonial dagger to school.

The Supreme Court of Canada now agrees with him.

In a unanimous 8-0 decision yesterday, the top court sided with Singh, now 17, that a Montreal school board went too far in banning his wearing of a Sikh kirpan, stating that it is an infringement on religious freedom that “cannot be justified” under the Charter of Rights.