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  1. Well then, Mr. Prime Minister,

    You have just placed yourself in an awkward position. If guns are evil in and of themselves, surely it is now your solemn duty to rid your police and military of this evil, and your personal body guards as well – you don’t want evil in your immediate vicinity, surely.

    On the other hand, if YOU claim a right to armed self defense, sure those citizens whom you pretend to serve have at least as much a right.

  2. Oh, his quote from an April 17, 2002 radio interview is far better:


    Yeah. As a caller to my program yesterday said, in some cases he said, well particularly of bikie gangs it’s fairly easy he said to import a package of motorcycle parts which will include broken down parts of a gun and that’s what happened, that is how they get here.


    That is one of the difficulties and we will find any means we can to further restrict them because I hate guns. I don’t think people should have guns unless they’re police or in the military or in the security industry. There is no earthly reason for people to have…ordinary citizens should not have weapons. We do not want the American disease imported into Australia.


    It looks as though we’re heading that way. I mean it bothers me….


    It bothers me immensely. That was one of the things that bothered me back in 1996 when we took action in relation to semi-automatic weapons and I will leave no stone unturned to tighten the laws as much as I humanly can and I’m quite happy to talk to any of the state premiers about this. It’s got nothing to do with party politics. It’s something that we’ve all got to get together on because I think guns have become a blight on American society. We do not have the same gun culture as the Americans and we should strenuously resist any slide into the gun culture of the United States.

    End excerpt.

    This from http://www.pm.gov.au/news/interviews/2002/interview1600.htm

    “Ordinary citizens should not have weapons.” Of course not. They must not have the means to resist their betters. Or criminals.

    But I repeat myself.

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