Aspergers unite!

I have tears coming down my cheeks from laughing.  This is so funny to me.  A bunch of kids doing something dangerous–following the law.

People with Asperger get annoyed, angry even, with people who don’t follow the rules.  To have other people get angry because someone else is following the law and inconveniencing the law breakers is just so sweet.

Thanks to Sean who sent it to me with the subject line “More hope for today’s youth.”


3 thoughts on “Aspergers unite!

  1. They’re making a great point – laws uninforced are stupid. Either enforce them across the board or repeal them. As it is, when the coffers get low, they can go out and “mine” the population for more funds by writing traffic tickets at will. Much has been written on the tyranny of laws designed to create mass non-compliance.

    However, while they were obeying the speed limit, they were not obeying proper lane discipline. If they’d all observed the slower-traffic-keep-right “rule” I doubt most of the other drivers would have given them a second thought.

  2. My very first ticket was kind of like that. My first time driving on freeeways I was in the left lane, keeping up with traffic. So I was pulled over. The ticket said 65 in a 55, but it was for obstructing traffic…

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