James hits the limit on the GRE

I got a call from our son James yesterday.  He had just finished taking the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).  Except for the essay portion they get the results back immediately afterwards.  He got a 560/800 on the verbal portion and 800/800 on the quantitative portion.  This is particularily noteworthy because it is an online, adaptive test.  The questions presented get harder if you are getting them all correct or easier if you are having difficulties with them.  He said it was “brutal”.  He just barely finished the problems in the time given.  He was pretty “up” about things though–as well he should be.  We are very proud of him.


2 thoughts on “James hits the limit on the GRE

  1. It was not online as far as I know but it was computerized. Yeah, I finished every section with only a few seconds to spare and some of the math problems were very tough when all you’ve got is pencils, scratch paper, and a minute and 30 seconds.

  2. Mighty fine, James. They apparently need you in Congress, where they can’t figure out a way to make do with 2.7 trillion dollars per year, using all the pencils, scracth paper, pocket calculators, and computers at their disposal.

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