Quote of the day–Greg Hamilton

Chances are, if you’re ever going to be involved in a home defense situation with a shotgun, you’ll be in your birthday-suit.  So unless you’ve got ammunition Velcro’d to your ass, all the extra ammunition you’ll have will be on the gun.

Greg Hamilton
Self Defense Instructor
March 7, 1999


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Greg Hamilton

  1. That conjures up a number of striking mental images. Obviously the world needs a belt fed 8 gauge minigun. Until then…where’d I put my Velcro and Superglue?

  2. Also sounds like a good reason to leave ammo scattered around the house. “It’s not a mess, honey! It’s home defense!”

  3. Don’t tell Smith and Wesson. They’d be out with Tactical Jammies in no time.

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